you never know where these pop up!

Andrew Kotcher /

Was at a custom motorcycle shop and picked up this 80 express for mechanics lien of $80.00 they said it had no compression but it fires up smokes though, the tranny needs fluid because the wheel will bind up but it runs!! i actually bought it for parts to put on my 81 express II lights etc, since niether one had a air filter i went to auto zone and bought the edelbrock breather filter and a heater hose plus two hose clamps and came up with this nifty air cleaner setup it tucks in out of the way!!

air filter work around.JPG

Re: you never know where these pop up!

Andrew Kotcher /

if you look closely you can see a silver screw sticking out of the carb this is where the choke goes all that is ledt is the plunger tip i do have the cable still but now choke assembly , any idea's where i might find one? looking now at dif sites.

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