spark plug wire on tomos

The end of my plug wire is non existant and now i stripped the wire and wrapped it around the top of the plug and duct taped it on. It works fine but i'd like to replace it with a good piece for reliability. Do i have to replace the coil too?

Re: spark plug wire on tomos

no, you probably dont need to replace the coil, i would put some sealant around where the plug wire meets the coil though, just to keep out any stray water that might get up there.

about the plug cap, go to your local japanese bike dealer and buy a 90degree angled NGK spark plug cap (their nice quality and not expensive) cut the stripped off part of the wire so its just a flat, if its a "waterproof" type cap slide on the lil rubber booty thing that goes between the wire and the end of the cap, then (this is the odd part) take the wire end, push it in2 the end of the cap (where the wire should go!) and SCREW it down, like turn it and it will go on. see, its got a lil sharp threaded doodad inside the cap that literally screws into the wire end because its so thick. again, if its a waterproof cap, dont 4get 2 slide the bottom boot up back on2 the end of the cap!

ok, that was plug cap installation for dummies, make a note of this one :P

p.s. get a NEW spark plug, so it will have a pop on type end instead of a threaded one, or just unscrew the cap from another plug and put it on that one in your bike (all assuming it dosent already have and end like that.

ok, im over tired! beddy bye time (babbling!)


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