head decarbonizing

i was wondering if theres a way to tell if my bike has a head gasket, like one of those composition ones that needs to be replaced every time, without taking off the head? the bike has gone almost 4,000 miles without a decarbon, and im afraid shes gonna detonate on me, is there a way to tell, so i can order another one (if there is one) before i put my only running bike O.O.C. because of simple shit......

p.s. the bike is a Qingqi Mulan 50 scooter, but its 50ccs and a VERY close cousin to some of these peds (reed valve engine, same displacement) so i post this here.

p.p.s. ive even seen versions of this bike equipped with pedals stickin out of the sides of the floorboard!


head gasket

Can you tell if your engine has a head gasket ?

YES.... just get a good look (with good light) at where the head meets the cylinder.. there should be a thin but visible gap where the 2 meet if it has a gasket.

They are all just one piece metal (that I've seen) on 2 strokes. So you can just re-use them.

If you've been using 2 stroke oil and the bike is jetted right... there shouldn't be much carbon.

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