OGvandal's Limon Tomos

I was minutes from seazing the motor last night.

Upon total dissasembly found C clip trom pedal axle in between the teeth.

Decided to do the clutches linings (Ben Serman leather and 3M weatherstip glue), plus painted the the moped lime w/shade of lemon- Montana rattle can. I like the pigments, now i will be waiting on sun for few weeks to wetsand and polish!

24h later ive got almost new bike!!

Re: OGvandal's Limon Tomos

Fuck yeah Montana paint !!!

Re: OGvandal's Limon Tomos

it reminds me of your peugeot:)

....nooope lol....but just saw it on youre profile- it has to be the seasonal thing!!

thanx man. I am hoping for Montana to dry hard. Paint stays mad thick on metal as sprayed, but does not level as nice as rustolenium. I will be wetsanding it to expose more of the lighter tone, but it has to dry first.

Re: OGvandal's Limon Tomos

dude. get some m bars if you want lower bars. that cant be comfortable. and it looks dumb.

Re: OGvandal's Limon Tomos

Hepatitis J [OFMC] /

plus, you cant even turn fully. the bars hit the frame when you turn, homie. muy peligroso.

Re: OGvandal's Limon Tomos

come for a ride on sundays w/second stroke guys via nyc nobody questions my turning style there besides new owner can offord one!

Re: OGvandal's Limon Tomos

i love montana but i hope you put a few good layers on there cause sanding it will take it off metal easily if youre not careful

Re: OGvandal's Limon Tomos

boring as hell thats for sure. nice work making a blue bike green.

Re: OGvandal's Limon Tomos


better than yesterday by the cost of 14 dollars...

and faster than yestarday- being without loose circlip in the trans....

and not boring at all, maybe lil plain...and no fancy -for sale


base coat is heay (the lighter tone). Montana sprays thick.

The darker tone is light coat i will sand through it to give lil wind distressing effect, and polish. Laquer takes time to cure but you can retouch it any time. (edited)

Re: OGvandal's Limon Tomos

danny HalfFast /

I'm sitting here scratching my head trying to figure out how the back of your seat moved forward three inches to fit the taillight on in the bottom pic

Re: OGvandal's Limon Tomos

its a U shape bracket tig weld into the last 2 fender holes. it takes 2 m6 screws. i did it on 2 bikes looks clean and using orig lamp

..hold down i have some add pic of it

Re: OGvandal's Limon Tomos

its mounted with screws via the plastic behind small reflector on the bottom. then reflecton is epoxy back in the place


Re: OGvandal's Limon Tomos

... (edited)

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