this has to do with pollutant topic below but not

Hey. I was just reading and replying i think some might like my reply but anyways... I got to thinking and wondering..

did anyone evver see that buss that a few tech school students modified to run off of old cooking oil.

they sued a deiseil set up and used a warmer to warmt he Old cooking greese up... then injected it and it actualy worked.. these guys went i think from new york to california.. stopping late night at all the food chains borrowing there old cooking oil.. the food chains were excited becuase they had to pay someone to take it off and recycle it.

These guys had only a few problems and made there whole trip on schedule in a 1970 something full size van or mini bus Deiseil set up.

What do yall think about that? I thought it was pretty dman coolk I saw it on discovery channel or tlc or something one day it was about a year ago probly.

wish i had more information..

Re: this has to do with pollutant topic below but

Reeperette /

I saw it, yes.

There's also bio-diesel, which ANY diesel car can run from.

Mix vegetable oil with a certain percentage of methanol in a 50 gallon drum and kick it every once in a while till it mixes and gets crud at the bottom.

Pour it right into the tank of a diesel, and you can run it with no modification.

And that crud at the bottom ? wash the car with it - it's glycerin soap.

I was thinkin about buyin a VW Rabbit Diesel and doin that trick once, but the only one I could find was so rusted out it wasn't worth the hassle.


Re: this has to do with pollutant topic below but

david f martin /

We had a Rabbit pickup come to our shop last year for A/C service (I work at an independent VW shop). It was set up to run vegetable oil. They even had a bit about it on the local news...

The cooking oil was kept in a stainless steel tank in the back. Coolant from the engine was pumped thru heat exchangers in the tank to warm up the cooking oil. The truck was warmed up on regular diesel, and when the cooking oil reached a certain temp, a valve switched the fuel supply from diesel to cooking oil. No additives involved, as far as I know.

I'd heard about the "Veggie Bus" on public radio a couple of years ago. People do weird things to Volkswagens...


Re: this has to do with pollutant topic below but

Wow... glad you all didn't say shut up wierdo....

or say dman that must be some good dope your smokin... haha


yeha I have ALWAYS thoguht those little rabbits were so damn ugly and odd that they were cool.

I want a hot pink one with black vynl or white with big white rims on it...modified to veg oil.. dman right!

Re: Rabbit Migration

Some years back my friend's brother was an automotive instructor at high school. People would occasionaly donate cars to the school.

One they received was a diesel Rabbit. Since they weren't set up to work on them they put an ad in the paper to sell it.

Two guys from El Salvador bought it as soon as the paper hit the street.

Why did they want it? They were going to drive it "back home" where diesel was 40 cents a gallon!


those amazing German engineers...

Very little people realize today that in Germany the tractor company Lanz built a highly succesful and robust tractor called the "bulldog" it used a single cylinder two-stroke diesel engine, that burned of all things...USED motor oil! And you thought there was no further use for the dirty filthy oil that comes out of a cars engine every 3000 miles. Of course it had to be thinned down to burn correctly, with parrafin oil (that's right the same thing in modern oil lamps) And the tractors seemed to run good enough. Of course now these tractors would be considered huge polluters and their relativesly low horse power compared to modern tractors make them practically useless on todays farms.

Re: this has to do with pollutant topic below but

shut up you weirdo. :o)

Re: this has to do with pollutant topic below but

I get it now- he's just into efficency, and not in the US.. ah, the global crap shoot that is the internet.

Re: this has to do with pollutant topic below but

2 seperate postings.. wow mbartell...

I'm like you I thoght he was history after the reply to that last one


rather be riding

I searched by author, and he should have a whole 12 posts under his belt by now. I just figured he was ranting or something. must just have some bitterness because a lot of us are out riding, and his isn't working. I think everybody's a little testy right now.... I know I'd rather be out riding.

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