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Hey everybody. Just picked up a hero majestic pacer and was wondering if anyone had any PDF manuals for it. Looking for some parts too but will post that info in the proper forum. Thanks everyone.

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I'm sorry to say that hero majestic parts or information is just about impossible to get, if I would have known this I may have not purchased this moped, but I have to say it is a very well made moped but if something breaks you may be doomed trying to find a part to fix it. I even went to those india places on the net called alibaba WHAT A JOKE of a place that is, the india guy gave me the run around for 4 weeks I started to suspect it was a scam, he kept telling me I will check for you in the email, I started thinking is this a automated response? All I wanted was spokes I ended up getting them off an old motorcycle, they were slightly larger but fit, you may want to dump that bike if you don't want big headaches but for a stock bike it is very fast. my does 40 + and it's stock or at least I think it is I have no documentation, please let me know if you find anything, I have given up hope, I have a bad carburetor that I need to change.

This is the place I buy parts for my Puch, you can try there for some things that may be standard fit for your Pacer like rims carburetors chains throttles that kind of stuff. Good luck


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Yeah, I have come to discover that it's not that common of a bike. It is fairly solid though. I got mine running and it is fairly complete. I will probably just make stuff fit off of other bikes. Pedal set and pulley is close to a motobecane. I wish there was some info about wiring though, cuz my wiring system is wrecked. ONly manual I have found was for an Ankur but it is almost the same.

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they seem pretty similar to the batavus m48's too, but i've never compared them side by side

there's a few other names that used that motor, such as Ankur and Yumbo

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I also made a discovery today that the engine is identical to the Peugeot engine so this maybe useful in finding parts for the engine.

Peugeot and Puch were both invoked in the making of this fine mopeds so I decided to search up peugeot and there it was, staring me in the face on the moped army site, the ENGINE!! It's time to modify...

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Thanks for that good info you helped me a lot, what carb would you recommend?

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