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John Proznik /

have an e50 motor that is clicking badly at the crank brg area, changed lube and still hear the clicking. Motor is still running but do not want to seize it by using. Meaning a rebuild is needed. I have not done a rebuild before or do I own the specialty tools to start. Where could I send mtr for rebuild?

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Jason Casher /

1977 mopeds dose good work. they did mine.

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My advice is to quit mopeds or rebuild it yourself. It is very easy to do on an e50.

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i Knew this was an e 50 thread! yeah dude take it apart! e50s are the simplest thing ever. u probly just got a bad bushing, or sometimes, they just click and it's ok. just do a good job, use a torque wrench, get alen key hardware, and its good. do it. don't be scaaaaared.

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No special tools needed.

My brother took apart an e50 and put it back together and he had no experience at all with working on anything with a engine.

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If you're scare here are some ideas while taking this apart

1.) Take pictures at every step

2.) Label everything, if you dont think you need to do it anyway

3.) have a large space to lay things out on step by step

4.) Use the fuckin' internet, its what its here for.

5.) Dont be an idiot and loose shit or work in a dark Messy place.

6.) get a friend to help sometimes 2 brains are better than one, plus the more they know the better you'll feel

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What Rambo said. Good steps, you got this John.

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special tools you'll want but could macguyver around

clutch puller (use two 6mm bolts and somehow pull it out)

flywheel puller (tap the fly wheel with a rubber mallet)

puston stop (put rope in the spark plug hole)

snapring pliers

gasket paper

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You might need an impact driver to get the case bolts out. Sometimes those are really torqued down.

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Flyin slice Chris Wrote:


> You might need an impact driver to get the case

> bolts out. Sometimes those are really torqued

> down.

^truth while you're at it replace those bolts with hex (edited)

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Quit mopeds, seconded.

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Salsa Salsa /

Shits fucking hard. But ill do it for you. If you wanna ship it to minnesota.

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Luke “Funkenet” Hosfield /

It could be the bearing that connects the piston to the crank, I would check that first.

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