motobecane for 75$

Simon Picard /

so, i picked this up on saturday for 75$

it is not complete, missing headlight, rear light and various stuff....

it is not seized but hard to spin.

N40, 1971, not a AV10, not variated.

tell me more....!

mienne 2.jpg
mienne 3.jpg
mienne 4.jpg

Re: motobecane for 75$

Check here and

in the photos section.

obviously it looks like a mobylette {Sp.} because it says that right on the side.

Re: motobecane for 75$

figure out this "hard to spin" business first. probly get a small dellorto carb for it. read wiki, search old posts. the rigid ones were 40t's. variator will go on easy, i'm told. fun bikes. frenchies are weird as shit, but they rule when you get them running good.

Re: motobecane for 75$

SO... what you going to do on her?

Think I have a spare euro headlight and nacelle, taillight get a teardrop truck marker light from AutoPartsPlus or Canadian Tire...

Re: motobecane for 75$

Simon Picard /

I am going to make her run first.... Then make it a racer with a av10....

I am missing the stand too, rebel??

Re: motobecane for 75$

Okay I have a stand also.

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