not enough fuel?

Adrien Pearson /

i have a 83 puegoet 103 and i replaced the bearings seals and put a 70cc kit on. i made the ports bigger and added the third eye port. i ran the moped before i replaced the bearings and seal without porting and i got 30 miles an hour. after i put the seals and bearings in, i am getting the same exact speed. i am thinking that mabye the stock reed valve is not letting enough fuel in. there is two small holes for the fuel to go through on the reed valves. does anyone think it is a good idea to drill these holes and make them bigger so more fuel goes through? any help is great. also i have a new 15.15 mm carb

Re: not enough fuel?

Get a tomos reed block to go with the malossi SHA intake.

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