Garelli brake lever spring

I recently added an 81 Garelli Super Sport to the fleet and its having front and rear brake problems. In a nut shell, the brake lever on the hub is not wanting to spring back after being compressed. The pads do have life in them.

I was looking at some other models that show a sort of spring that would let the arm bounce back.

Anyone know what I'm talking about or know if I need said spring or where I can get one?

Re: Garelli brake lever spring

i did a search and found this thread with exactly the same symptoms you're having, hope the link helps?

watch this video:

notice how the cable isn't attached? that style has the "return spring" on the cable, your garelli didn't have that.

disconnect the cable, see if the lever is free, narrows it to pivot shaft binding or a cable / control issue.

Re: Garelli brake lever spring

Check the spring in the hub that connects to the brake shoes. I have had two of them crack.

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