Sport style Jawa

Buddy here in Daytona has 3 sporty little Ninja looking mopeds for sale. Ceck Daytona Beach craigslist to see what I am talking about. Wants 1500 looked on the wiki and it basically says Jawa is no good. What you think???

Re: Sport style Jawa

King Drunky JCams /

Saw those a few days ago.

Mean looking for sure... poopy performance capability.

I'd buy one and graft a variated powertrain (hobbit/derbi) on it and rip.

Then sell the jawa parts hahaha

Re: Sport style Jawa

hey justin sup man

jawas can be fast just gutta know how to make parts and stop listening to jamie

Re: Sport style Jawa

whoah they are mint i wish i had money

i always wanted to build one of them im sure its the most uncomfortable moped ever but it would be neat

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