Targa LX prices?

i dunno if this is the right forum, but i'l take my chances. i'm looking to see how much a used '95 Tomos Targa LX would go for? it has really low miles and is in good condition. its got a lot of new parts like clutches, carb, bearings, piston rings, etc. its also got a biturbo and speed sprocket. any help would be appreciated, thanks eveyone!

Re: Targa LX prices?

Reeperette /

Blue Book for Low miles, Factory reconditioned 1995 Tomos Targa LX is $830.00

Start from there, subtract for condition, high miles, not running, whatever.

Hope that helps,


Oh - Upgrades.

Reeperette /

Now that $830.00 USD...is for stock, I didn't see at first that it had a BiTurbo and Speed Sprocket.

That'd put Book value up to $920.00 USD (Estimated from Stnd.)

I'd offer $900 to start with.


Re: Targa LX prices?

Jordan Muirhead /

Hey im lookin for the same exact bike you mentioned. Do you have one for sale?

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