78 Motron V2 Initial Build

I scored a 78 Motron a few months back with a V2. It took a long time to get the parts for a build as it only went about 25 to begin with. I figured Id share the progress with you up to this point.

75cc Polini

21mm Dellorto (still tuning.. waiting on more jets, etc)

21mm MLM intake

Leo Vinci Exhaust (I do have a MLM St Ripper but havent gotten around to modifying the flange and making a bracket yet)

I have plenty more to go but until I finish tuning the carb this is how it sits.

Let me know what you think.


Re: 78 Motron V2 Initial Build

i'm interested to hear about the performance here. i've heard mixed reviews of the V2. i always wanted one, but a lot of people claim its honestly not much better than a V1, despite being variated...

Re: 78 Motron V2 Initial Build

looks gorgeous though.

Re: 78 Motron V2 Initial Build

ɯɐpɐ ʞunʞs /

Curious to know how this turns out as well. I have one of these sitting in my backyard.

Re: 78 Motron V2 Initial Build

Dream ped.

Re: 78 Motron V2 Initial Build

Damn Ryan, is that the same one you scored at Wiz Biz this year ??? That doesn't even look like the same bike anymore. Super clean.

Re: 78 Motron V2 Initial Build

Please let me know if you ever go to sell this... PLEASE!

Re: 78 Motron V2 Initial Build

Thats it bro and thanks! Been slooooowly getting work done to it.

I was super lucky in tracking down a NOS long seat (Thanks a lot peeps at 77mopeds for going above and beyond).

I also forgot to mention that it has a 75cc high compression garelli head on it though that was probably obvious it isnt stock.. lol.

As far as the performance related questions I'll have to get back to you on that as I get it tuned better. If I had to sum up the performance at this point in one word it would be.. shit. If I had to sum up the potential in one word it would be.. shitloads. If I had to sum up the list of to dos in one word it would be... shitloads.

I havent ever had a V1 but from what I do know the V1 is a much more practical option. As all the parts I have got for this are primarily for V1s and require modification to get to work with the V2. There are a few things I am going to have to do to reach the peds potential that will be a pain that I wouldnt have to do with a V1 that would yield similar results I would imagine. Re-weighting the variator is def one of those things as it engages almost immediately at this point and thats unacceptable. I have MORE than enough low end I could sure use the variator a bit later in the power band. Any insight in this matter?? Anyone??

Also, as my carb is tuned so freakin badly right now Im not sure about timing just yet.. may have to do it but unsure. Ill let you know more on that later. To sum up the carb issues my idle jet is significantly too big. My main jet is also too big. While I wait on jets in my guestimated range Ill have to make due with what I have. about a quarter throttle seems to run fairly well at this point but thats it.. 4-stroking at every other position unless its a nice cold night (only had one of those so far) at quarter throttle it pushes me to (guessing as my speedo is off) 40ish. Def not above 40 yet though as it 4-strokes badly when I get above 35 or so. It definitely has much more give. Im guessing properly tuned and geared the way it sits it will run mid 40's. I say this because that is what tim reeder is getting on his kitted v2.

I will say, however, it will pop wheelies if you arent careful. Almost too much low end torque.

Ill keep you all posted on my findings for sure. If anyone has any advice, comments, or suggestions please let me hear em!

I just got it built after months of waiting on all the parts and I am very excited to get it running smoothly.. wont be long now :)

Re: 78 Motron V2 Initial Build

Will do. It may happen one day. I have gone to great lengths to ONLY modify the kit, exhaust, etc and leave the V2 itself completely untouched. The engine appears to be in exceptional condition in every way. As for now I'm going to continue to take it slow and do it right as to not damage such a rare find. Im very excited to have this as a project bike and once I'm done I maaaay decide to move on to something different.. if so you'll be the first to know.

Re: 78 Motron V2 Initial Build

Video when you do.

Re: 78 Motron V2 Initial Build

Consider it done

Re: 78 Motron V2 Initial Build

Beauty! would love to see a video as well.

As for your early variation issue try removing half of the weights (not sure how many are in a stock V2 vario) to allow the clutch to engage later.

Looks like you're already pretty invested in the Dellorto route but for what it's worth I love the Mikuni VM20 on my V1; tuning them on these flatport kits is a breeze so long as you have a head temp. gauge.

Nice bike keep up the good work!

Re: 78 Motron V2 Initial Build

My experience with V2's is hill climber extraordinaire.. unfortunately they've been sitting on the back burner for awhile.. but I plan to focus on them soon and would be very interested in your results.. keeps us posted!

Re: 78 Motron V2 Initial Build

oh.. and has anyone ever found a manual for one of these.. I have searched high and low.. including other countries and turned up nadda..

Re: 78 Motron V2 Initial Build

That just may work, friend. Dont know why I didnt think of that! Ill let you know what I find! There will definitely be a video. As soon as I get it dialed in Ill shoot a cpl video's to show what this V2s all about.

Jeremy Shay (Scary Bandit) is the only person I've met in town with a built V1 and from what I understand his ped is beast mode. Im excited to compare the differences in the two.

Thanks for the good words

Re: 78 Motron V2 Initial Build

I definitely will post all results on here. Also keep an eye open for questions I post in other forums as I am always looking for advice and help as I have not found a manual. It seems like one had to exist at some point but as far as locating it I have been unable in my attempts. If I were to guess italy would be a good place to start looking. Im about positive none have been uploaded digitally though :( Heres keeping my fingers crossed to one turning up!

Re: 78 Motron V2 Initial Build

I've been looking for a V2 manual myself for a couple of years with no luck. All I have is this drawing that Ed was kind enough to pass on to me.

engine minarelli v2 schematic.jpg

Re: 78 Motron V2 Initial Build

oh like wow! the ped looks great ryan! such a clean lil ride.....i remember zipping around the twin cities on it when dom picked it up. your were fortunate to get it away from him. a rare bike indeed.

Re: 78 Motron V2 Initial Build

Thanks dude! It's been a lot of work to this point and even more in the future to get it where it needs to be. Its kind of scary because it is so rare. I'm sketchy when doing anything to it because Im well aware how difficult\near impossible V2 parts are to find. I've had my fingers crossed the entire time.

Its odd you mention dom. I actually just fired up the forum to track him down and shoot him a link to this thread so he can get an update on his old ped!

Thanks for the compliment and you as well as dom are more than welcome to take her for a spin anytime youre in town! (WB for sure!) Its a completely different beast than it was before!

Re: 78 Motron V2 Initial Build

First off.. that Testi (pic in profile) is completely wicked gnarly badass. I wanna know more about that thing!

Second.. Ive ran across that schematic which is a big help in a lot of ways but I want to know where to order the parts based on the parts #'s listed ;)

Isnt the email to Angelo? Seems like it was as he is the guy who sold me the leo vinci thats currently on there.

It would be GREAT if there was a stash of V2 parts laying around somewhere but I find that highly unlikely..

Again, let me know about the testi as I have questions. How fast does it go? I ask this because when I run 35+ I'm hearing a noise that I am unsure of. I cant describe it just yet (my ped is quite loud). It may just be exhaust back pressure.. timing?.. or something far worse (ugh). I hope to have time to investigate further. Its almost like a thud but at the same time that description is inaccurate.

Hopefully Ill be able to meet up with more experienced tuners soon and hear their thoughts on the situation. Until then I will not be pushing this ped beyond the safe limits. If anyone has any insight in the noise let me know.


Took a little video a few minutes ago. Just showing it running for those interested. I'm running a bit lean at the moment so I didnt do anything too interesting.. lol.

All the same, soon enough I'll post better vids and of this bad boy going.. Its pretty quick I think. Doubt the top speed will blow anyones mind but its low end is quite impressive.

If I can prove capable of ordering the right jet set (this will be third time ordering 5+ jets.. too high first time too low second) I'll be in good shape soon enough and the videos will come.

Link (edited)

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