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HI I am from Sweden and I own one Chines scooter Qingqi mulan I need som spare parts like exhaust and carb butt I cant find it in Sweden , is there eneone who can hellp my maybe with manual or some information off delers who sell spare parts for this scooter.And if some body knows how do they col this mikuni carb who is sitting on Qingqi mulan


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Might want to try a scooter forum, we're mostly mopeds, someone might know, though. good luck

YAY!!! another mulan owner!!!!

hey luka! i have a 1995 mulan, im in Massachusetts USA, the bike was also called a Kasea 50 (korean importer) so if your local bike dealer dosent know of Qingqi ask them if they can get Kasea parts, it is the same bike.

im going to clean the carb on my Mulan soon, so i'll look at it and see if i can see what type it is, the Suzuki FA50 uses the same carb, so you might be able to get one off that bike (or the dealer might be able to get a new one based on that info)

ive been asking all over for a manual, even emaild QingQi group in china, no luck.....

the Mulan is an awesome bike, fast, great on hills, but gas mileage is poor, u have to fill up a lot or you will be walking it, small fuel tank, also the stock tires stink, very slippery in the rain, im going to replace mine with Michelin's.

p.s. u dont know how excited i am to see another Mulan owner!! oh the joy! :)


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Garret I was looking for a carb for mine too and ur info was a big help. You rebuild these? If so how much would you charge me to rebuild mine, that'd be alot cheaper than buying a new one

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i took mine apart and cleaned it, then made another bowl gasket from sheet gasket material, pull ur old gasket out and trace it on2 the sheet, then slip it in & cut it to fit with a razor knife, also do the same for the one from the carb front to the bike (trace it off the part that the gaskets gonna touch on the carb), "rebuilding" a carb is pretty easy, minding you take note of how many turns it takes 2 get the idle and mixture screws on that carb to bottom out (so you can set them back there when ur done) and making yourself new gaskets, buy a sheet of gasket material at an auto parts store, you can make gaskets for anything (except exhaust). just carefully take it apart (in a bin or somthin so u dont lose any lil parts) clean everything, make new gaskets, and put it back 2gether, then install it on the bike, screw in the throttle slide and choke, connect the fuel & vacuum lines (if fuel starts dripping on2 the ground, you have them backwards reverse them if this happens) put lil hose clamps on them, & viola, ur done! its not that hard to do.

hope this helps you (and anyone else rebuilding a carburator)


Re: YAY!!! another mulan owner!!!!

hey i just resently picked up a 1995 mulan 50 and was looking at plastics from a kasea 50 and they look different BUT WILL THEY FIT?


Re: YAY!!! another mulan owner!!!!


Re: Qingqi mulan Sweden

www.chinesescooterssuckcock.com. They can help you there ask for Ronald Dipps

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has anyone noticed that this thread is from 2002 ?

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