the struggle continues...

I have a tomos a3 bullet that refuses to start and keep going. I have powerful spark, thanks to ree. I have gas flow because the spark plug is wet when I take it out and gas is coming out of the muffler, slightly. The carb was cleaned right before I put on the new engine. I have good compression and everything is moving well.

When I try to start it, it gets going for a small time (1-3 seconds) and then slowly dies off. I've tried with the choke and without. I've tried very little gas, a lot of gas, and everywhere in between. The only success I've had is when I choke it and give it medium gas to get it moving and then kick it again with no choke and max gas.

Right now, I'm thinking it could be:

a.) a clogged muffler

b.) not enough fuel pressure (my petcock was plugged yesterday but miraculously unplugged to make a huge puddle in the morning)

c.) my moped is possessed by satan, the dark prince, himself.

So, any ideas? I have the next two days off so any suggestion (no matter how crazy) will be considered and attempted.


Re: the struggle continues...

Reeperette /

I vote C.

And, umm - yer float is stuck.

Just so ya know.


Re: the struggle continues...


Are you 110% sure? Taking off the carb means lowering the engine which means 10 other little tasks. I just don't want to have to do that again, but I will. Thanks for the suggestion!


Re: the struggle continues...

Ron Brown /


If your pet cock was plugged, ask yourself were the crud went that was plugging it up.


Re: the struggle continues...

Actually to take off the card all you need to do is disconnect the spark plug wire and the fuel line. and remove the three bolts. the engine will still hinge on the chain but it will give you plenty of room to remove the carb. but put something under the engine to hold it up. you don't even need to disconnect the throttle cable either. if you need to, the carb is so light it can hang by the cable. and syphon out all the gas in the tank and look in there with a flashlight to see if its still dirty. But take Rons advice about getting out the dirt inside the carb.

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