first moped - need info

We were just given a '77 Puch Maxi and a '78 JC Penney Pinto. The Pinto appears to be closest to running. We have spark, gas, compression, but wont' run. What could be wrong? Where can I get basic information on operation and maintenance of these 'peds? Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

RE: first moped - need info

I have a '78 Puch Maxi Sport that had the same problem. (The Maxi and Pinto are the same 'peds, just sold under different names). After many frustrations of replacing spark plug, cap, fuel line..I dismantled the engine and cleaned it all out...then it worked. From what I could figure...there was so much carbon build-up in the cylinder head, that the gas just couldnt flow properly. I would reccomend dismantling the engine and cleaning it out good. Make sure you clean the carb as well. If thats too much work, or if you dont have the tools, try cleaning out the carb and cylindar head and see if that works.


p.s. After i cleaned my engine I found the idle to be waaay off, so you may have to readjust the idle afterwards. Email me if you need more advice

RE: first moped - need info

You should also decarbonize the exhaust pipe, a lot of carbon builds up there. Good Luck!

RE: first moped - need info

Thanks so far for all the info we can sure take it apart and will have the tools to do it. When in doubt, cleaning something should work best!! Thanks again!

RE: first moped - need info

I would guess the carb's main jet is plugged. Remove it and if you can't blow or see light through it, carefully clean it with one strand of telephone wire. If decarbonizing and this don't work, then disassemble thew motor.


RE: first moped - need info

check out this site for just general repair info when you pick up a new moped. there's a lot of stuff like this in our "resources - links" section on so check all that out too if you want.


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