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can you put a kstar puch kit on a tomos a3 bottom end

Re: kitting help

Re: kitting help

Sorry, but this is wrong forum. I'm not being rude. It's just that there are separate forums for a reason. There is no moderation here so we have to bust balls sometimes. You would probably get more help in performance anyways.

best of luck and...


Re: kitting help

Christian Giron /

Charlie is right, try to post in the appropriate forum, but since you already posted here....

I would go with this link instead of the one rambo posted, but thats preference. I avoid high comp heads and i've been using my stocker.

The K-Star and the Alukit are very similar in terms of performance, however, the Alukit is made for a tomos while that K-star isn't.

You can absolutely put a puch cylinder on a tomos, but you'll have to fabricate your own intake header for the carb and cut/weld/hack/slash your own exhaust due to the different port angles between a tomos and a puch.

or you could go with 1977's cylinders made for the A35 if you want to save some money, but I have no idea the quality or the performance compared to the alukit, which is known to take a beating and still run. 44mm 45mm

If you have further questions about the differences between cylinders, I would direct them to the performance section, but you might get flamed for not reading more. Also, since you have an A3, I would read about what it takes to use an A35 kit on the A3, I think it's just reeds and new intake but I'm not 100% on that, so please look more into it. (edited)

Re: kitting help

the connecting rods are different between a tomos a3 and a tomos a35 and puch kits

a3's use 10mm wrist pins

puch and tomos a35, a55 use 12mm

you can send the rod out to a guy in ohio to have a 12mm rito roler bearing connecting rod put in, he does good work.

I have a A3 I'm considering putting a gilla on

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