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could anyone give me a good idea on how to rig up a fuel shut off valve i called steves moped and they wanted 30 bux plus 850 shipping which a little much for a piece that is not even in inch big

Re: rigging up

buy a ball valve from the hardware store and epoxy it on there if you're really that short up for money.

Re: rigging up

david f martin /

If there is a VW shop local (NOT the VW dealer) who sells Empi or Bugpack stuff, you should be able to get an inline fuel cutoff for about $16. A cycle shop with some old salvage bikes in the backyard might be a good place to look, too.


Re: rigging up

Ron Brown /


Lawn mower shops have them, but you will still have to come up with a way to connect to the tank.


Re: rigging up

Matt Wilson /

I used a clothes pin and pinch the fuel line when im not using the ped. It works fine on my peugot 103

Re: rigging up

Try surfing eBay for awhile just searching "moped". I see a lot of fuel valves come up on there that end up going cheap.

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