Turn Signal Possibilities?

Anybody ever thought about wiring in turn signals to a bike that didn't have them stock? I've got a magnum MKII and i'll probably never get around to it (they're not required in GA) but I think it would be cool to install turn signals as a convenience. I know it would require maybe another coil, like a treats mystery coil and a flash relat, switches etc. So has somebody planned something like this out, or better yet done it?

Re: Turn Signal Possibilities?

Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /

It's on the wiki or somewhere around here.

But, stock Puch is only 6 volts with only a smidgen of current

it can be done

good luck

Re: Turn Signal Possibilities?

In order to run a flasher relay you need to have them on a separate circuit. It's possible if you don't have an additional circuit to wire them with a chargeable battery bank, but that's more work.

It's pretty easy to do, and blinking lights are always fun to play with.

Re: Turn Signal Possibilities?

I did it on a grande. Rewired the headlight as the coil ground with a switch, and uses the headlight coil to run the lights. Not super hard, just use your noggin.

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