TTLX throttle cable

what should be the length of a late model A3 throttle cable? my old one snapped & the ones the shop gave me were too long, ive tried cutting them down but came up too short each time and have gone through THREE this way, its getting me pissed!

p.s. anyone know where to order Michelin scooter tires online? my scooter (qingqi mulan 50) needs new tires BAD, and the chengshins on there now are dangerous (fell 4 times in 1 day cuz of lack of traction) i want michelins because of their quailty.


Re: TTLX throttle cable

I used a bike brake cable-- worked fine...

i'll post more later

Re: TTLX throttle cable

Hi there, I bought that brand of tire from was called They have a new catalogue site up now, lots of goodies....cables too. Doug D.

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