First time Moped owner (Aprilia RS50)

"Hi,<p>Can anyone recommend a book or a website to learn how mopeds work and how to take care of them?<br>Especially about the Aprilia RS50.<p>Thankx for any advice to a novice in Moped-Land."

RE: First time Moped owner (Aprilia RS50)

Know it all. /

<HTML>Ok, dumb ass.

First off, the Aprilia RS50 is not a "moped." The engine may be small, but that bike halls ass. A triditional "moped" is a step through, say it with me, s t e p t h r o u g h. Also a traditional has a automatic "transmission" that is normally a belt driven torque converter.

Short and the long of it, the RS50 is no moped.</HTML>

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