Horn won't stop clicking

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I'm not sure if my post in my earlier thread will be seen, please forgive the double post. the horn on my puch is clicking. LOUD. And won't stop. I took apart the switch/button and cleaned, but now it is worse (before it would stop if I pulled out button and held it out). Can I wire around the horn? I can't disconnect it cuz Puch won't run? Any ideas?



Re: Horn won't stop clicking

your telling me that if you rip out a wire on the horn that the whole damn thing wont run??

Re: Horn won't stop clicking

Yeah, those puchs are wired really weird! One time I got on my newport, started it, and the horn buzzed constantly, as though someone was holding the button. one of the wires was disconnected. another time, the bike wouldn't get any spark no matter what. i took me 3 days to find out that it was because a horn wire came loose. and just a couple weeks ago, I was riding and noticed I had no headlight/taillight. once again, loose horn wire.

Now every time I have an electrical glitch with the bike, the first thing I check is the horn wires

Re: Horn won't stop clicking

I've got a Puch GN that doesn't have the horn hooked up, just make sure that the two brown wires are connected to each other and the two blue wires with the stripes are connected to each other and it should run.

Re: Horn won't stop clicking

it shouldn't click unless the switch is bad.. it isn't something that always has power and make a noise when power is shut off.. it is the other way aruond... if it is always clicking.that means its always getting power.. the onjly way i think that could happen if the switch has a short.

Re: Horn won't stop clicking

I have the same model, and i recently fixed this problem. Take apart the horn switch. There should be 2 copper strips under the horn button. When these are disconnectde the horn sounds. When you puch the button, it disconnects the strips by bending one up. After a while this stops working bend the copper strips so they touch when left alone. If you cannot get them to touch, no matter what, solder them together. This will solve your problem

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