DMV costs for California


Can someone please tell me the annual fees for owning a moped in California including....

DMV registration fee.

Insurance premium.

Motorcycle license fee.

Re: DMV costs for California

There is the one time registration fee which should be 19 bucks

Insurance will vary.

and if you're looking to get a motorcycle licences you're going to have to take a class on it. The price for the class ranges from about 75-125.

Truth be told these things are easily found just looking at the DMV website and using google.

Re: DMV costs for California

the cost to get a motorcycle license (class m1 or 2) at the CA dmv is $31.

you may as well get an M1 (good for any motorcycle / two-wheeled vehicle), as the testing / procedures is exactly the same as an M2 (good for mopeds only).

if you're over 21 you don't have to take the safety class, you can take the on-vehicle test as a substitute (i'd imagine it's easy as fuck with a moped). cost for the test is $6.

the fee to plate a moped in CA is $18, and you can do it entirely through the mail (even if you're not in-state!). it takes about 6 weeks for them to get the plate to you. this is a one-time fee you must pay to register each moped you have, or to transfer ownership for a bike you buy from someone else.

my insurance is $76 a year, progressive.

Re: DMV costs for California

It used to be $18 for the registration but it changed to $19.

My insurance is $75/year.

Re: DMV costs for California


Thanks guys.

Re: DMV costs for California

$18 will get you a plate.

Re: DMV costs for California

sookia sookia /

my insurance is 150 a year :( no tickets or accidents ever

Re: DMV costs for California

John Burnette /

welcome to life shluggah


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