1970 motobecane

on a 1970 motobecane mobylette does the speedo read in kph or mph. when im goin 45 on it im movin real quick it doesnt seem like it would be in kph cause the speed i was goin it would have maxed the speedo out but it didnt.


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Some MOTOBECANE have a speedo in MPH !!!! (for us market !)

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Alain, have you ever been to the Moped museum in Montreal, if so what's it like ? bruce

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Ron Brown /


Given the typical accuracy of a 30 year old speedo, have a car pace you, time yousels on a measured mile and do the math, or borrow a GPS and see what it says. You can check your odometer at the same time. Sometimes the odometer is in Ks even when the speedo is in MPH

Mopeds were not real popular in the US in the 1970 so it is likely to be KPH.


montreal moped museum

They are a bunch of rude a$$'s over there. I WALKED there from McGill campus, and asked if they sold or repaired mopeds, and if I could look around. They told me that none of them are for sale, and they only fix Bicycles. Nobody in the shop knew anything about the mopeds, but I did get to look at them. I think the store front's name is "Lazy Walker".

You may have more luck there, If you speak French, and ain't a big o'l Texan wandering in there.

I was trying to find someone who knew how picky the cops were about mopeds, because I brought mine, but didn't have a plate on it. I ended up just riding it around the dorms, and leaving it locked to a bike rack most of the time.

Toronto mopeds was also weird. They have no retail store, and nothing to go look at.

Re: montreal moped museum

Welcome to Canada eh. The Toronto Moped Centre is basicly a website with a pick up depot in a cleaners or something and the English/ French debate is ongoing in Quebec. I had pictured a huge building with hundreds of mopeds on display but I get a different picture now.

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