My new moped

I got the new moped legally on the road today. cost 23 bucks at the DMV and 40$ total in insurance. good for a year.

I used epoxy to get the handgrip to grab-- it was too loose for a wimpy adhesive.

Tightened and lubed the chain.....oiled up all the moving parts, mounted an inline fuel filter, which I'll use for the first few tanks of gas, in case there's anything nasty in the tank (the cap was off for some time, but it was inside, under a tarp----

replaced the fuel line...

I thought I had a Targa, but it's a Golden Bullet, A35.

goes about 28 mph, maybe over 30.

i need to get rear view mirrors, and a biturbo--- before I add any stereos or stuff. I want to listen to the engine for a few weeks too.

It does stall at lights, sometimes, but it's cold, and i'm running a rich mix.

It was cold, around 45 degrees, but I went out for about a half an hour--- I wasn't really dressed for the wind, but I enjoyed it anyway.

Re: My new moped

how come your moped only goes 28-30 miles per hour not that thats not good or anything but my 1970 motobecane goes 45-50 miles an hour easy with no performance anythng on it all completely factory condition. and the thing just flys

Re: My new moped

Brandon you must be joking. where is the motobecane manufactured anyway? and it is a moped isn't it? unbeleivable

Re: My new moped

here is 40 mph = 60kph 40kph= 24mph which speedometer is it.

Re: My new moped

I dont buy 45-50

Re: My new moped

If he is mistaken 50 kph for 50 miles an hour.. wow.. must be british or young... hehe... 50 miles and hour is almost double 50kph

Re: My new moped

Ron Brown /

MPH X 1.6 = KPH, or

50 MPH = 80 KPH

1970 moby does 50 w/no mods??

Could you pull my other leg---?

You should verify with a car speedo, or a mile marker and timer.

I thought my 2000 Targa was hitting 35, sadly the wife following in the car said I rarely broke 30.

The TOMOS, at least is a speedometer/ odometer make for KPH, and has an MPH sticker over the dial instead. your odomoter is clocking the kilometers you travel, (so the mileage appears double)

but the speedometer is registering MPH because they put a sticker on it that is 'gauged' just a bit differently than the KPH sticker it would have got in Europe.

2 cents, ka-ching.

My new moped (golden bullet)

Dammit, this is supposed to be a thread about MY cool new moped.

Not a Physics lecture, a lesson in metrics, or a motobecane rally.

I got a used moped that runs on the road after not having a ped for 7 months and all you people can think of is KPH conversion??


Actually, I'm happy to have the "golden bullet (a35)" Ree says it's one of the best mopeds EVER made. I'm psyched.....

Re: My new moped (golden bullet)

Ron Brown /


Congratulations on your new ped!

You are the greatest!

Your moped is the greatest!

...and I don't believe that motobecane does 50mph either. : )


Re: My new moped (golden bullet)

Way to go,Wayne!I got a Golden Bullet that I haven't licensed yet.They are great lookers!Ride that beast and make up for lost time.CONGRATS!Go,Go,Go! (:^)

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