engine bogs

after a ten to twelve mile ride my ped was seeming to bog out at low speeds, was still movin in the upper speeds but not quite as fast, the entire ride back the bike did this to me. I got to the pizza shop and let a few of the workers ride around on it. after they gave the bike back to me it was working just fine 0 (zero) adjustments were made. what could cause this to happen? this sunday I am devoting to the ped for maintence and whatever, any good ideas on what I should do then.

Re: engine bogs

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Gas flow problems, such as a piece of crud or water droplet in the main jet can heal themselves.

However, if you have gas flow problems that are noticable at low speeds, then normally, they will be much more noticeable at high speeds.

I think this is why there are no other replies to this thread.


Seriously, You may want to flush out the carb, you probably don't need a soak and blow, just make sure you get all the loose crud out of the float bowl. Clean the air filter and check your spark plug wire connections at the coil and the plug. If you have points, check them too.

If the ped does this again and the engine is not missing (sign of ignition problem), do a plug chop while it is bad and see what it looks like.



Re: engine bogs

went ahead and did a carb cleaning, though it didn't appear to be necessarry, it still looked great from the last time, but i did notice one thing while i was taking it off, the carb had twisted slightly, if this problem does come up again it may be just as simple as that, (make sure carb is straight and tightened down properly). thank you for your advice ron. you guys have been more than helpfull in my moped adventuring...

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