Bi-Turbo Benefit

What is the benefit in top MPH of a bi-turbo on a stock Puch Maxi? Right now I go 28 to 31 MPH depending on conditions.

Re: Bi-Turbo Benefit

Also, what are the disadvantages of the bi-turbo? For example, how much is the exhaust noise increased? Does the engine burn cleaner?

Re: Bi-Turbo Benefit

do a forum search for "bi-turbo" or "Biturbo"

or "performance exhaust"

then, ask questions-- you'll know more-- there is a LOT of info for you to read.

use "all dates"

It's riding weather!! otherwise I'd post more.

Re: Bi-Turbo Benefit

I obtained 5-7 mph but the noise is indeed considerable. Overall it was a big inprovement!!

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