Lexington Ky Rally Oct 26-28 Diamond Dogs

Despite my rage, i still shit in my cage.

Diamond Dogs Moped Rally, Dingus

Lexington Kentucky

Oct 26-28

Friday: Night is a citywide mixer, Have Fun, explore, Meet some people, Travel well. Drinkin (if you show up between 4-7 hit Tbar for Dollar Shots Bourbon and dollar sliders Happy Hour shit, also 10-close is second happy hour shit), Find yo place to sleep n shit, Random riding

The Jovantes Live at the Diamond House noon to night

3ish we ride to Thunderdome for to race

Garth: I want Friday Like "Layed Back"

Saturday: The more organized day. Cunt ride out to the Castle at 12:30 for a cool lunch (bring your lunch and booze and blunts)

Reconvene at the Diamond house, Gather your gear, bring a machete and your swampers, we ridin 40some miles out to the cabin. Plan on crashin out there we stay'n. Check out the Buddhist temple n stuff. get drunk enjoy Kentucky Coyotes who steal your Doritos while you sleep.

Sunday: Wake up, ride back to the city, go home or stay forever. might be some stuff going on at the void or on the mean streets. Stay, drink, smoke more.

Add us to facebook or pm me if your coming so we can find ya bed.


Re: Lexington Ky Rally Oct 26-28 Diamond Dogs

FUckni CUm

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