? Topeka, KS

Any one ridin heer this

weekend? Or any place

within 1hour!

Re: ? Topeka, KS

PM me thanks .

Re: ? Topeka, KS

Bump not workin this weekend.

Lookin to ride.

Re: ? Topeka, KS


Re: ? Topeka, KS


you are signed up

come see us at 11am

don*t be too late

Re: ? Topeka, KS

everyday in kcmo

Re: ? Topeka, KS

We rode about 35 miles all around town, mostly stayed south. Leo quit before we races quarter mile drags. The Zuma won, followed by the derbi, the bravo and then the stock puch. A little rain came an the group split up. Good times. I think we should ride again tomorrow. Anyone in for 11am? Or we can meet up for the broadway cafe ride at 5...I'm going to work on the trike tomorrow during the day. Fast or slow ride I've got a bike for every occasion. Let's party!

Re: ? Topeka, KS

That is a pretty sweet looking trike.

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