PA peeps, help with petition.

♣Slew Foot♣ /

well, i am personally taking a stand against the

Man, who is keepin us down.

in 2009, they passed a law that changed the use of dnr and other trails from no motor vehicles allowed, to no motor vehicles of any kind allowed.

the previous law was okay with mopeds driven responsibly 15 mph, 5 mph around pedestrians.

now they are outright banned unless you have a handicapped plaquard.

in my humble opinion, not enough notice was given to interested parties before the law was changed; furthermore being a commonwealth state no law can be passed unless it was submitted by an elected offical, which has not been documented.

i am working with my state reps office to change the law and a petition would be ducky.

in a month or so i will post a copy of it, sign and mail in. i have to look into wether i have to file a motion in state court or if my poverty status will get the fees out of the way. if they will not drop the fees, i may have to ask for a buck or two with it.


Re: PA peeps, help with petition.

The Reverend Defecator /

If the bastards want fees I will send you a couple bucks BobDobbs, I'm in Hershey and live close to some rails to trails that would make life awesome to get between Towns up here, I mean I ride them anyway but to do it without fear from the Gubmint' would be sweet. PM me when you get it figured out.

Re: PA peeps, help with petition.

John Warren IhazJawas /

ill sign there is a site you can make online petitions while were at it can we add lesser parking restrictions and such

Re: PA peeps, help with petition.

I am in mechanicsburg doesn't effect me too much but I attend shippensburg university and they also have a rail trail which would be sweet and I'm always up for helping fellow mopeddlers (especially PA ones!)

Re: PA peeps, help with petition.

delete this account /

I'm in

Re: PA peeps, help with petition.

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

Count me in.

And while we're at it, can we do something about Target having more handicapped parking spaces than regular parking spaces, which takes up the entire front of the store and they are always all empty.

On a rare occasion when i actually do see someone in a handicapped space, they usually are walking a hell of a lot better than i do with my trashed foot and busted up knees.

Maybe they can install a handicapped drive-thru lane and limit the handicapped parking to only maybe just 200 parking spaces!

Maybe i shouldn't bitch. if my old ass has to keep parking 4 blocks away every time i go there, it should only be another year or two and i should be eligible for a handicapped parking space myself.

Re: PA peeps, help with petition.

Count me in!

Re: PA peeps, help with petition.

i'm in

Re: PA peeps, help with petition.

Wolf Wizard /


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