Lowered stock saddle seat on maxi. Help!

When Lowering a saddle seat on a maxi (just bolting seat to the frame and not using post), how do you rest the back part of it on the fender to support your weight? How do you do this without the seat rubbing Onthe fender? I have a powder coated frame and don't want to damage the paint. I would prefer not to add any extra holes. Wanted to see how some of you guys are doing this. Thanks.

See pic below to get an idea of what I am talking about.


Re: Lowered stock saddle seat on maxi. Help!

I used a skateboard wheel bolted to the top of the fender (or rather, the book rack in the case of my series b), did have to drill one hole though. Alternately you could screw it to the bottom of the seat pan.

Re: Lowered stock saddle seat on maxi. Help!

GalatiEat ThisPizza /

I'm to lazy to unmount my seat & show you a picture. But I just purchased a powder coated maxi frame & mounted this seat.

So same deal, Didn't want to mess it up.

But the seat had an alternative on it.

There are these two soft pads Stuck under the seat. Thick enough to just rest on the seam & take the impact of weight to seam.

They are like foam pads

Re: Lowered stock saddle seat on maxi. Help!

Thanks. It occurred to me that I could just tap or mount a rubber bumper onto the bottom of the seat. Should be easy enough.

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