motobecane shop manual

does anyone have a shop manual for a 1970 motobecane mobylette if so i would be more than happy to buy it off u and have it shipped to me

thanx, Brandon

Re: motobecane shop manual

I might have one, I will let you know in a couple of days

once I check my manuals. When I bought out a local shop's

inventory of Motobecane parts he gave me his dealer's


Re: motobecane shop manual

Have you seen this ? Go to resources, links, general, Mobylettes of the 60's. bruce

Re: motobecane shop manual

John Custodio /

Bill. If you any extra manuals after you take care of Brandon i would be interested in one, or any other motobecane literature.Thanks John

Re: motobecane shop manual

Brandon.Vintage mobylette moped shop manual on ebaymotors item # 1819168789. I bid on one last week and got it. Seller makes copies and sells them on ebay,so if you miss this bid he will have more on.I did receive manual, very well put together.Lots of info.Good luck John

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