I decided to take my moped that i just got to work to the gas station for air. The back tire was completly flat so i walked it there with out riding it while the moter was runnig. Also for the fact it was uninshured and not licenced. While i walked in frunt of a full sized pickup in an inercetion he stoped and then whent forward hiting me then runing half way over my frunt tire. He stoped asked me if i was ok twice asked if he should call the cops. I sead no thinking he saw the ped and would trade info insted the ass hole drove off. Thankfully some one else called insted. when i got home two cops drove by and stoped to talk to me. It wasnt exactly a hit and run but the asshole could have offered to pay for the accident. Dont matter now that it is reported i think his insurace will get it. By the way this was the ped i drove all the way to MI to get.

Re: HIT!!!!!!

Hit while walking a moped--- that's a new one for me.

Re: HIT!!!!!!

SteelToad /

I say if you strapped enough mopeds to the side of a battleship, you could sneak up on damned near anybody.

Sometimes it's like being invisible !

Re: HIT!!!!!!

That sucks, man

You alright?

Re: HIT!!!!!!

Yes just brused on my left side. Just need to fix the ped.

Re: HIT!!!!!!

Milk the insurence man for all they got!


That's terrible,C64!

What kind of a dunce would hit you like that?!....THIS guy needs to pay you for all your repairs and learn a lesson.I don't go for suing,but definitely you should get remuneration for your parts,labor,and injury.Make him accountable and he may not repeat the offense.Sounds like a very inattentive driver to me and they're dangerous as can be to pedestrians, which is what you really were in that situation.Hope you receive justice. (:^)

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