speeding up my moped

How can I speed up my '89 Yamaha Rivia Razz without spending a ton of money?

Re: speeding up my moped

Will if you didnt care about the moped you could dump in some racing fule but you could easly damage the ped by burning up the piston. If you did this you would half to lockup the brakes to stop the ped becase the heat of the moter and the compresion would act just like a deasle. This is very dangerus.

Re: speeding up my moped

Matt Wilson /

I'd go to 50cc.nl and buy and new exhaust and CDI. With shipping it shouldn't cost more than $150 but you'll get a lot more speed

Re: speeding up my moped

how much faster can you go by doing this and could other parts fit a batavus since this ped is not on the list?

Re: speeding up my moped

get a Rope.. Attach it to your snail... attach the other end to a

1960 something shelby musting and hold on.

total cost.... Buck fiddy from the hardware store.

Re: speeding up my moped

Go down hill a lot. Or, drink lots of espresso and pedal like hell.

Re: speeding up my moped

get off the bike and push it

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