motobecane mobylette

does the 1970 mobylette have any speed tranny or is it single cause is goes real fast, i was cruizin at 50/MPH with ease on the road and it shows a 60mile an hour speedo, i cant see it being single but if it is, how does it work i dont know i just picked it up for 150 bucks off some old guy.

Re: motobecane mobylette

Depends on the clutch type. If it has the variable ratio "Variator" clutch, the front belt pulley gets larger as engine RPM increases. Simple check is look down at the front belt's position while at idle, and then while at top speed glance at the belt to see if it is now riding on the outside of the pulley. The motor will also be spring mounted; if you push backward on the front of the motor, the motor should move rearward several inches.

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