There's nothing better than taking your family for a ride on a nice day. I guess the helmetless wife and kids are replaceable. bruce

Re: Familyride/Thailand

sorry new at this,bruce


Re: Don't look.

Motorcycle wrecks can be messy.

The attached photo is VERY GRAPHIC.

If you are sqeamish don't look at it before or after meals.

You have been warned...




An argument for helmets, to be sure.

God, that's gross. I wonder what's going through his mind? Probably pieces of whatever he hit.

Re: Familyride/Thailand

Na, they're safe enough... looks like they got at least three mirrors on their bike. Guess helmets only come in that one plain style over there and the family just won't go for that style...

It's nice seeing a place with so many step-through style motorbikes though :)

Ouch, that guy in the second picture looks like he was visted by Mr. Hannibal

Re: Helmets?

Actually it's a reality check about physics. MxV=F

Mass times Velocity equals Force.

If his head hadn't split open, could his neck absorb the impact?

The helmet argument as the end all of motorcycle safety is a fallicy. Besides, we don't know if the rider involved was at fault, or if it was a mechanical failure, or an unattentive driver.

Bottom line, at that velocity, his cranium took the brunt of the force.


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