Value of my moby or trade

Wesley Burson /

its a 50v 1980 30 mph version it has cracking on the forks were the handle bars attach it needs the carb adjusted to run ( idle mix screw) new gaskets 2 extra carbs new petcock new piston rings.

would i be able to get $600-$700 or would some one trade for newer tomos in Ohio?

heres a pic

Re: Value of my moby or trade

Recovering gas-a-holic /

Non runner $100 average....You might get a trade, some folks like those. $6/7 no way sorry duder your not setting on a gold mine. I want to say I've seen that bike. Sticker.

Re: Value of my moby or trade

I may be interested... not for $600 though.

you got some pictures??? I'll shoot you an offer.

edit: Also miles // as much of the set-up as possible would be great (edited)

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