chain tension

Just how tight should a moped chain be?

Re: chain tension

there should be about 1 inch of play in the chain

Re: chain tension

I own a Batavus and in the manual it says the drive chain should have a play of about 3/8 of an inch. I've read this to be a good rule of thumb outside of the manual. You measure this play from the center of the lower chain. Just press up lightly and if this light tough gets resistant at around 3/8 you're good! A full inch won't hurt I know for sure either. If you can get this stuff exact though it makes a world of difference in the flow of your ride. After adjusting belt and drive chain tension on my Bat, I went from holding a cruising speed of about 26 to being able to comfortable cruise 30 with better acceleration. All because of chain/belt tension. Find the sweet spot.

Re: chain tension

Thanks for the info guys, i appreciate it!

Re: chain tension

i always tell people with tight chains, that they would much rather throw a chain, than snap one, also, having a tight chain wears out the entire drive train.

chain stretches and then wears out the sprockets.

i always go even more slack, because when you sit on the bike, the suspension sags and the chain gets taught.

so do your chain tension, but also sit on the bike, so you know its still the right amount of play under weight.

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