Maryland/Pennsylvania moped laws

Ok well I'm in PA with a moped without a title, I know within the las 6 months or so the Maryland moped laws have been altered, not sure why. but anyway I have a buddy willing to "buy" my moped in maryland so I can get a bill of sale and such from him in Maryland, but I was unsure if 1. it would be sufficient documentation to obtain a title in PA 2. Didn't know if it would work because I heard he might have to title it in Maryland now (because of the mentioned law updates. I might be misinformed fell free to correct me .


-JR (edited)

Re: Maryland/Pennsylvania moped laws

♣Slew Foot♣ /

since there is no previous title history, and you are from a non titling state at the time you moved.

i would go to your local state rep's office.

i think you can apply for a title with just proof of residecy from maryland.

the local lady who titles my bikes warned me that PA is cracking down on title transfers from delaware and other non titling states.

and if you end up doing it the long way, if you have a ped plate. you can transfer it to that ped pending title.

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