Suzuki M31

I'm picking one up tonight pretty cheap. Running with 900 miles. I've been trying to find out more about them. I can't really find much other than a japanese panphlet. And all that I found in the wiki was 2 pictures. Anyone have any info on this bike? What engine is on it? Are there kits for it?

Re: Suzuki M31

I bought one of these pretty recently aswell. I can guarantee you they are some of the MOST difficult peds to find parts for. The turn signals alone are around 120$ on ebay! You can find very few of the parts on ebay but that's about it. It uses a 55cc engine, and most parts are interchangeable with the m30's but still. I can't say I'd recommend one unless you're feeling particularly auspicious haha. I don't think there are any kits available for it though.

Re: Suzuki M31

these are real cool... 55cc two-stroke, three speed. from my research, there's a common flaw where they will pop out of 3rd gear after the tranny starts to wear down. mine did it on occasion. hopefully yours holds up better

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