The Search Is Over!

I finally got a decent rigid Ciao to build! One owner since new, craigslist find 200 miles away. Oh, the plans I have for you...



Re: The Search Is Over!

Nice I love that red color on a square post ciao.

Re: The Search Is Over!

Im headin over to fix it so itll be all ready for you when you get to Topeka!

Re: The Search Is Over!

the speedo looks like it's from an excersise bike! i expected more from vespa but good for you. nice find

Re: The Search Is Over!

With the exception of motor placement, it looks like it has lines that of a Solex influenced ped..I like it !!

What year and how fast ya think she'll go..?

Re: The Search Is Over!

It's a 71, I'm guessing its probably a 20mph version. This is the first bike I've bought that actually has a title.

Troy, I swear to Satan, if you touch my Ciao, I will murder you in your sleep.

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