Peugeot TSM head Questions

I'm assuming this head is the same head that comes stock on the TSM, I know it says 50cc but can this be used with 70kits?

The 70cc version on 1977 is described as "The squish band on this is super conservative for those high-revving variated bikes with big french pipes. This head was designed specifically for all you poor suckers who keep seizing, blowing holes in pistons, and hitting temps upwards of 450 degrees."

Will the 50cc/stock TSM head yield similar results, I'm using the polini high comp head atm and I'm hoping to achieve lower temps with the TSM head.

Re: Peugeot TSM head Questions

Lower comp will lower temps and make you rev higher. The TSM head has bigger fins in a better pattern for cooling. I would say the 70cc head will be better for a big kit, but many have run stock heads on blasters before.

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