vespa grande deluxe supreme

Hello everyone!!

you probably get this all of the time but i just picked up this vespa grande 1981, from a friend.

my question is i have no idea how to start it??

i added a new spark plug, but still have no clue how to start it??

i have no idea if it needs a key, or what lever i have to pull in or even if i need a battery to even start it!!!

extremly hopeless.

can somebody please send me an e-mail, or give me some advice, because i'm up shits creek without any paddles!!!!

thank you extremely, i'm glad i found this website!!

thank you all

Robert Skinulis

Re: vespa grande deluxe supreme

Robert.Touch `resources at the top of the page and then click on `articles'.You'll see Fred's Guide on `How to fix your Moped'.Copy it and learn it.It's awesome!

Re: vespa grande deluxe supreme

Don.. he doesn't need to fix it. just to start it..

Flip the kill switch up.. normal this means On...

on the right should be either a clutch or decompresion leaver

Also make sure when you turn the pedas.. that the motor turns.. easy way is to try it whil somone has there finger over the plug hole.. it will push it off.. you can also look and see if the magneato turns whwen you pedal.. if not then your bike motor is not engauged and there should be a switch you flip to lock pedal to the chain so it turns the motor over.

make sure you turn your gas valve near the bottom of the tank to open.

Then all you shoulc have to do is pedal a few times to start it up.

If it has a decompresion cable.. then it will look like the lever has a cable that run to the bottom side of the motor.. this lets some pressure off while you fiorst try to start..

If it has this then you simplke hold the lever in as well as the choke (probly both small leavers)

and let off the decompresion after you start to pedal. this will cuase it tog et harder to pedal but is nessasary to start it.

I think the clutch type is done the same way.. but not 100% sure.

if you get it to pop over a time or two.. then you probly just need to hold the choke lever down a little longer until the motor warms up .. like a chain saw..

if nothing happens.. then try what Don suggested and read freds guide.. its great to find problems.

I wish there was a general starting procedure page here.. but alot of mopeds are a little diffren't and I guess it might be hard to make a good one.

I ahd the same problem as you.. when i first got my ped.. i didn't know what did what so how the heck was i gonna know if it was broken or not.. hehe

hope that may help.. if you email me me what yo have tried and discovered i can try to help more.. im not the greatest moped man..but I think i have learned alot since i first got mine not to long ago.

Re: vespa grande deluxe supreme

Your right,Duck!Good catch! (:^)

Re: vespa grande deluxe supreme

Pull the decompression lever and pedal that baby. You have to be between 5-10 mph for the engine to fire and start up. Just hold in that lever and truck it. It should start.

Re: vespa grande deluxe supreme

You may have two "ON" switches, the one on the right handle bar and the other may look like a black plastic headlight switch on top of the headlight housing. If you have one turn it to the right to the "12 o clock or 1 o clock" position.

Push the choke down, (right side of the bike just above where the side cover should be in about the middle of the bike). It looks like a bent, thin strip of aluminum.

Turn to gas petcock either up or down.

Make sure your handle bar "ON" switch is on.

make sure the "free wheeling button" on the left rear hub is NOT pushed in. It releases with a lever.

Pull in on the small lever on the left handle bar(decompression lever)

Pedal or try to kick start it using the pedal or bump start it and twist the throttle on the right handle bar as you are trying to start it.

Push the choke down on each starting attempt. It should pop up each time you twist the throttle.

good luck

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