Flywheel Expert??

Adrien Pearson /

I have my peugeot 103 and im putting new bearings in. i need to get the flywheel off. i have a two hook puller but it is just starting to bend part of the flywheel. is there any tricks to get it off? where can i get a puller that will work correctly? i just dont want to buy one online! thanks for any help!

Re: Flywheel Expert??

I'd recommend just buying the one from treatland. If you don't use the right puller, or you'll have to buy a new flywheel online anyway. If you've already bent it you might want to get both the correct puller and a good flywheel.

Re: Flywheel Expert??

Darrell Gabbard /

get the proper tool for the job or it will become junk.

Re: Flywheel Expert??

>i just dont want to buy one online!

i guess you're shit out of luck then.

also, if you have to ask how to get the flywheel off, you're in way over your head when it comes to resetting your timing.

put the hammer down and step away from the ped. (edited)

Re: Flywheel Expert??

Adrien Pearson /

its the tinny bend in one spot nothing major. and i marked the flywheel so i dont have reset the timing. i didnt know this formum was full of jerks. what ever

Re: Flywheel Expert??

Just because people are giving you proper advice to get the proper puller does not make them jerks, if you dont like the answers people suggest then just dont take the advice.

People are suggesting to get the puller because they dont want you to fail, not because they have shares in 1977mopeds or Treats. It is a good $15 investment for the bike you got for free, or the bike you invested $400 into because it will make the difference between success and failure.

A 'tinny' bend will make a difference because the clearance from the coils to the magnets is important for properly generating electricity. With no key on the crank marking anything on the flywheel is ambiguous because you have no reference point in relation to the piston position.

Also calling some people here jerks will not garner very good advice in the future, mopeds is still a small community and even more condensed for the frenchie bikes. Just saying...

Re: Flywheel Expert??

i was wrong to post the hammer vid. off balance flywheel = broken crank.

> i dont have reset the timing.

it'll run perfect, you've been cautioned.

Rebel Moby (rebelmoby) — Jun 16, 2012 11:03PM

If you are going to do any wrenching on the Frenchies you need to get the flywheel puller and you need to know how to properly set timing.

> i didnt know this formum was full of jerks. whatever.

glad to be of some small service.

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