$5 pizza. WTF? HnRz?

Salsa Salsa /

yall know about this? its close to my work.



Re: $5 pizza. WTF? HnRz?

You should try it and let me know how it is.

Re: $5 pizza. WTF? HnRz?

kevin struthers /

No Anchovies WTF!!

Re: $5 pizza. WTF? HnRz?

that place sucks soooooooo bad.

Re: $5 pizza. WTF? HnRz?

haaahhaaaa, have you been josh?

Re: $5 pizza. WTF? HnRz?

So much better than Caesar's! And the slogan Fresh Fast Friendly. All key attributes of a moped gang. Haha.

Re: $5 pizza. WTF? HnRz?

Michael Thomas /


Back in the day, I went to the University of Pittsburgh and there were so many pizza places in the area, they used to have pizza wars and try to undercut each other. The cheapest I can remember is $1.67 for a large 12 cut and a 2 liter Pepsi delivered to your door. They had it for $1.99 all the time but $1.67 was the cheapest. We used to get one at night, eat most of it, finish 2-3 slices for breakfast on the way to class in the morning...Breakfast of Champions!

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