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Ok so heres the deal, I just recently purchased a 1983 Trac Sprint and I live in PENNSYLVANIA and the previous owner did not have a title with the moped but I did indeed get a bill of sale. My question now is " What is the next step in getting my moped registered? Do I need to get a title? If so how do I get one with just a bill of sale? Finally when its all said and done (new title,registration etc) how much will I roughly expect to be paying to get it on the road? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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there have been a few threads on this with penna advice in recent weeks... search the general forum for "title and "pa" and you will get the idea.

if your trac was ever titled in PA in the past it can be tough to fight with penndot. but if you run a title search and it was never titled in pa, you can get a non-title state resident to register it in their state and "sell" it to you with a notarized bill of sale and pa will take those with your id and insurance card to apply for title.... pay for title search, cover the fees in the non title state, pay penndot and notary fees for the transfer and title app and taxes.... i bet you can get it all done under $200 ... now you just need to make friends in a non title state.

example: ohio bmv approved trac models are:








Re: Moped Registration in PA

Dude it fucking sucks to get all that shit together. Im about half way through the whole process and after sending away for a ten dollar DL-135 form (a piece of paper saying whether or not there is a history of the vin number in pa) in the mail and then taking it to common pleas court and paying a $131 filing fee, I got a court date of august 6th. I have to make a copy of all the court papers and send it to the previous owner and then bring in the certified proof that i sent it that you get from the post office. Then Im to be issued a title for it. its a bunch of shit considering I had proof that there was no history of the bike. But goodluck to you in this process!

we all know damn well its worth it haha.

Re: Moped Registration in PA

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