Just scored a 78 Bravo on a Craigslist Freebie.

I had a ped in highschool. I think it was a lambretta?

anyway, got spark tonight, just got to clean the carb and air up the tires and i should be good to go.

Thing is, i weight A LOT more than i did in high school. I think i may be exceeding the weight limit, but i dont care.

I cant wait to make my first beer run on it.

Load that rack!!!


Re: Newbie

The one i had in high school was a baretta!

Re: Newbie

Tal Reznikov /

nice find... good luck with the beer

Re: Newbie

thanks, but why do I need luck for beer? do mopeds not carry beer?

Re: Newbie

Luke “Funkenet” Hosfield /

No only wine and Blast malt liquor.

Re: Newbie

oh, good. cuz thats all i drink

Re: Newbie

I need a Craigs list freebie!!!! and a Craigs list handie.... and a beer... XD

Re: Newbie

just make sure you put one case of beer on the front & one on the back for proper weight distribution

Re: Newbie

he he! ^

Re: Newbie

Christian Levi /

You want a handie from Craig? wrong forums dude.

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