opinions on gps tracking device

I see many stolen moped posts and I currently use on guard mastiff(?) Chain & lock. Works great for me but I read an artical last year about bike theifts and heard of gps tracking device you can hide on your bike with a battery life of 3 years. Anyone every hear of or use one of these? Anyone actually have their 'ped stolen & retrieved it using the gps device?

Re: opinions on gps tracking device

Swoopid Woody /

thanks for posting, i meant to look into this after i had two stolen earlier this year. hopefully there's some good shit out there

Re: opinions on gps tracking device


This is the artical I read, slightly off topic but its a good read and he talks about the gps tracking devices. Best of lucky my friend

Re: opinions on gps tracking device

Christian Giron /


I just read that entire thing. Written really well and pretty captivating.

Re: opinions on gps tracking device

♣Slew Foot♣ /

too much of a cost for a moped. 99 dollar unit, 15 dollars a month fee.


better off putting theft on your ins. policy

Re: opinions on gps tracking device

In mass insurance is not required. Since I don't have a car I would need to get an insurance plan just for my moped. I spent a few frustraring afternoons calling around. No one will insure just a moped

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