Bicycle inertubes for mopeds

Is an inertube for a bicycle alot thinner or will they work the same as an inertube i would get off moped junkyard?


Re: Bicycle inertubes for mopeds

Search the forum for posts about bicycle tires. you can get puncture proof bicycle tires and they work great (according to info I got here-- haven't tried it yet)

If I get bored, I'll do the search, and post the link--- playing with OSX, at the moment.

Re: Bicycle innertubes on mopeds

I have a bicycle tube on the rear of mine right now.

I didn't really want to do it... because it is a 15 or 16" tube on a 17' rim... and they are real thin.. too thin... too wimpy.

But it has over 50 miles on it with no trouble... yet.

I would buy the real thing if I was you.. unless you like being stranded somewhere.

Or maybe a heavy duty bicycle tube of the correct size.. that might be OK.. like Wayne says.

(I mostly use my ped for short trips to the store.. so I can walk home the 2.5 miles easy if I have to)

Re: Bicycle innertubes on mopeds

hey fred.. what kind of ped do you ride? i know you help people with everything, but whats your ped of choice?


Re: Bicycle innertubes on mopeds

I just bought some bike and moped tubes on E-bay,and the Moped tubes seem quite a bit tougher,like Fred says.Does anybody out there have a use for 14"moped tubes.Man,that must be a dinky moped!Maybe a Chappy or something?Anyway,I'll sell `em cheap! (:^)


PA50I Casey

They only do 21 mph stock... mine does 30 now.

Thats why I've answered several of yours... cuz I know the most about them.

I've had about 4 total 'peds' ... didn't pay more than $20 for any of them... this one was free (as were most).

You know... they've been sitting around for years... don't run... the owner just gives them away or throws them out... a quick carb and points cleaning and off you go.

I have a non running Suz FA50 too...never taken the time to get it going yet.

Re: PA50I

awesome.. the hondas are very powerful and reliable. i dont think i could ever get ride of mine.

i picked mine up in much the same way... the guy had a vespa advertised for sale.. i went to look at it & it was crap. and he wanted 300$ for it (simply because of the Vespa name, i assume) but he had this honda that "don't work" that he would "take 200$ for"... i offered him 70$ and it was mine. cleaned the carb, and took off.

what did you do to your pa50I to gain 9 mph? my pa50II will do damn near 42-43 now with just the variator ramp cutting i did and the proma circuit exhaust. no rejetting or anything. and while in traffic, i can ace cars off the line. im getting ready to strip it down and repaint the whole thing, though.. im tired of it being orange.



Reeperette /

I find that the BELL Self-Sealing Bicycle tubes they sell in the Walmart bicycle aisle outperform comparable moped tubes for the same price, and with that model you got about the same rubber, and they're seal-sealing on top of that.

One note tho, I do reccommend buying them at least 1" oversize cause otherwise they're quite hard to put on.


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