First Moped and garelli questions.

Christopher Jones /

Hello I'm on the verge of buying my first moped its running, and is in ok condition, not the prettiest.

Anyways its a garelli ssxl with a horizontal engine?

Im trying to find parts for it for a reference of what things will cost. I plan to ride it for the summer and fix and clean it up during the winter.

I keep seeing things saying noi and cylinder kits called polini?

I cant seem to find any parts like forks and other information needed. I read the wiki on here but still didnt give me alot of info.

I'm attaching a photo I'm not sure youll be able to tell me much about it form that.

Re: First Moped and garelli questions.

Hey Chris! I own a Super Sport XL. I have had it under a year now and am starting to mod it myself. Here is what I have learned so far. Get a 70cc Polini kit, a different intake for the kit and fit a 19mm PHBG Carb for it. You will want to get a different exhaust for full performance from your new kit and of course an air filter that goes with the new carb. All of these things can be found at and also check out Just search for these parts and you will find them. You can also find a ton of stuff on these sights from forks to wheels for your Garelli. Hope this helps. The Super Sport is a fun ped!

Re: First Moped and garelli questions.

The Reverend Defecator /

Can't go wrong with the SSXL in my opinion, as long as it has spark and compression and your clutch rubber isn't swollen you should be fine. Lots of options for aftermarket mods, lots of parts available, a fine vintage top tank Moped for sure.

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